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Les Ateliers, why ?


Since 2007, they express a firm conviction: the necessity of bringing together finance and non profit sector.

Les Ateliers de la Finance Responsable, therefore, are an opportunity to :


 Gather financial and associative decision-makers and philanthropists

■ Promote the visibility of initiatives fostering financial profitability and social impact confluence

 Question the experts and the trend setters of pioneer and acknowledged experiences


 Be inspired




Axylia selects the Experts who will intervene during Les Ateliers.


The speeches are determined by the relevance of the topics and the legitimacy of Experts.




We are truly attached to maintain the human-sized nature of the conference.


We really care about keeping a strict speaking time in order to allow the audience to address there questions in order to benefit from experts.


This ensures a user-friendly and interactive meeting among the attendees.



The uniqueness and relevance of our event are based on the working methods adopted there.


For its customers, Axylia has studied the responsible finance for 20 years.

This gives us more ability to identify new initiatives and new products on the principal markets.


Thereby, you can be sure that you will discover great stories and real innovations.

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