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2016 edition's topics

Innovative and Responsible Finance

Is your money keeping you in a good financial health ?


. Riskier sectors for investment funds

. An association who brings the solution

. Vital engagement of a CAC40 association. 


Low carbon : unexpected solutions finally unmasked ! 


. Investment funds to follow

. New surprising asset classes


Fondations and placings aligned with the mission :


. The commitment of the "Fondation de France" : Jean-Pierre Lefranc (CFO)

. A family fondation specialise on environmental issues

. Special guest


Private bank and "venture philantropy" :


. A great private bank announce her new involvments for next years

. An entrepreunarial association

. A great "Tech" benefactor


Village association : ASMAE, Petits frères des pauvres, SIDI...


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