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Attendees satisfaction


Since the first edition of the Ateliers de la Finance Responsable,  attendees have always expressed a wide satisfaction, as shown by the surveys conducted at the end of the workshops : 


* no edition in 2013

Les Ateliers de la Finance Responsable 


Last year, 150 people have discovered  the responsible finance initiatives of the experts selected by Axylia.

Aurélie Reverte

Chief Financial Officer, Initiative France

"Thanks for the messages and sobering testimoniesand especially encourage exchange between two very different worlds that converge towards a common goal. "

Eric Mainville

bforbank blogger

”A great event and huge task by your team. Even the location encouraged reflection and benevolence. I particularly appreciated the excellent quality of the interventions and the keenness of the financiers 

who appeared to take increasing interest in 

responsible finance.” 

Delphine Lalu

Deputy CSR Director, AG2R LA MONDIALE

“Very interesting speakers and activities. Relaxed atmosphere that laid the groundwork for encounters and exchanges. Dense and fruitful. The presentations on shared banking products gave me a global view of this approach.”

Jean Philippe

Chief Executive, Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne

" Both the form and the content were exciting . Responsible finance moves, and many thanks to you! "

Judith Symonds

Jcs international

” Thank you for including me in a very interesting day of discovery. It was a perfect juxtaposition of the results of your study and the actors in the Finance Responsible landscape. It was also a good balance of information, discussion and networking.”

Martine Borgomano

Director,Fondation petits frères des Pauvres

“Very interesting exchanges. This event is now officially well established to allow encounters and interaction between financiers and NGOs. This is an annual event not to miss.  Thank you Axylia.” 

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